Thursday, December 15, 2011

Turtles-Show & Tell

we moved our babies (not babies, 8 years old) into a bigger home this week
we had them in a 30 gallon tank
only one get dry their shell at a time and they would fit over the 1 landing
as you can see all 3 drying off, and on the other side, their is 1 all by himself drying off
it's good to let their shells dry out as they want them too
 he's not even the biggest one
Dale is the biggest and he's much bigger than my hand

see the little guy over to the far left barely with his head out of water?
the females are bigger, so really our "dale" is a girl, oh well

normally turtles like this will never out grow their space
so, we're a bit concerned they'll grow
that's not our intention for the bigger tank, lol
our plan for the bigger tank is to mate them
we want to make a higher landing and place sand up there
they will only lay eggs in dry sand
it will be a work in progress
we've not read all we can about it yet, so we'll wait till we know all we need to know.
also, we'll have to have a plan for the babies (hmmmm)
yeah, we need to plan this out more


  1. Interesting. I know so little about turtles

  2. Fascinating. I have a friend who works with the Sea Turtles in coastal Georgia, near Savannah. I didn't know you could raise them in a tank

  3. They will be great fun to warch in their new environment.

  4. Hi Tonya, how fun! The turtles are beautiful, it must be very interesting to watch them grow. You have a great tank. Have a wonderful saturday afternoon! Delisa :)

  5. What a nice new place you have for them. I'm sure you'll figure out how to have a "turtle farm" soon (or would that be a turtle ranch???


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