Friday, January 6, 2012

ABC Plush Cotton/Fabric Toy Set

I saw these over on The Vintage Sheet blog.
She offered some tips on how she did her based on another blog.
I changed some things up as well, as we all do to make a project a touch of our own.

these are for my sweet nephew, Kentlee
his birthday is the 11th and he'll be 2

 they are very easy to make
it probably took me longer to make the letters in WORD
and get them the font I wanted and the size I wanted,
than to cut out the fabric and trace each letter.
I saved it, cause i'll be making more of these.
 I did add a small neodymium magnet (very nice magnet's in a small size)
 in mine, she made hers without magnets.
I don't have any pinking shears.
I used a pinking rotary blade, which to me, was a pain.
I've just ordered a pair of pinking shears.  
That should make it easier to get into those small spaces and around
each letter better.

She mentioned using a darker colored thread so it would show up.
I did leave white on the back, so that as he gets older or maybe now
(he'll be 2) he'll recognize the dark size as being the right side.

I think next time I'd choose a small print fabric, this was Elmo
but hardly anywhere can you point out Elmo.  lol


  1. These are cute! Like the idea of a magnet in them.

  2. I love this! Simple but a great learning tool. Good job!

  3. These are terrific, Tonya!!! I'm sure he will enjoy them for a long time to come.

  4. What a clever and cute idea. I love it! Nola

  5. These are very cute...You put a lot of work into them and it shows!



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