Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Farmer's Wife Block 4

I had planned to go in order, to make these in order as they are in the book.
Well, I skipped 3, cause it had a curve in it.

Here's block 4-Basket Weave

again, this block was paper pieced
I took a tip from a friend and kept the paper on all pieces, 
then sewed the whole block together
i think that helped a lot
I also think I'll keep the paper on till I get ready to assemble the quilt


  1. Looks nice, Tonya. I think I'd save the squares with the curves in them until last. Maybe I would need to make them to finish the quilt. haha.

  2. Love the colors. Makes me think of Neapolitan ice cream.

  3. I think leaving the paper on will help. The friend who taught me to paper piece often leaves the paper on until she has an entire top.

  4. Oh, yes...leave the paper on as long as does help a great deal. I then have used a seam ripper to start the "tearing" process with the paper. Be sure you have your stitches on your machine a lot tinier than usual and then the paper rips off easier, too. Your blocks are looking terrific!

  5. I am still at a loss as to what 'paper piecing' is, but then I know jack squat about quilting. But this is so pretty! And it does look lie Neapolitan ice cream!


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