Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Farmer's Wife Blocks 1 & 2

Block on the left (it's a bit wonky and I'm not sure why)
left-#2 Autumn Tints
right-#1 Attic Windows

I'm finding the paper pieced blocks are in 3-4 pieces, then you have to join them to make the complete block.  I'm not fond of that at all.  I wish it was all one paper pieced block.  Do these exist?  Does anyone know?

Attic Windows was one complete block, Autumn Tints was in 4 parts, I guess that's how I got it wonky.


  1. Tonya, looks great in these fabrics. SOUNDS DIFFICULT!

  2. Great job!! I've never done paper piecing so can't help you. Hugs

  3. The overall look is still very nice, Tonya. I think it's all in the total precision of the 1/4 inch seam when you are joining the sections....and most complicated blocks seem always to be done in sections. I think it's because there isn't always a way to join pieces if they aren't done in sections......I can't explain what I mean, but I KNOW what I mean. LOL

  4. Like the fabric. I think the camera angle sometimes make them look wonky, not do worry.

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  6. Did you leave the paper on for joining? I understand that is supposed to make them come out better. (not that I see anything wrong with them. ) They look great.

  7. Hi Tonya, I love the fabrics you have chosen for the quilt, the autumn colors are beautiful. I can't wait to see what it looks like when it is all done! Have a lovely day ahead. Delisa :)

  8. i don't know. i normally thought paper piecing was mostly used for small or oddly shaped blocks and pieces. crazy quilt type patterns, shapes that are prone to distortion etc.

    but i really don't know enough about it to help if you're having trouble.

    i'm not sure what you meant by not all one block but i learn and understand so much better from actually seeing something.

    anyways don't be so hard on yourself or your quilts!!!

    you are doing better than the person NOT doing it. hang in there!

  9. Hi Tonya, the sections in a paper piece pattern that have to be sewn together to make a complete block are (1) because the pieces wont go together any other way and still work together correctly and (2) it makes it easier on you when putting the block together especially if the block has points that need to be kept. If you lived closer I could show you better than tell you why!lol.


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