Saturday, April 14, 2012


I can't believe it's been 14 days since my last post. 

I've been super lazy busy with this, that and the other.

I love to recycle, when I find something that we're going to throw away and find another use for it, it really just makes my day. 
Crazy, right?  I know.
But, it's my part on recycling.
Here we have a Crystal Light/Or Store Brand container.
They have a perfect lid, and it's a see through container.
The paper/plastic peels off it perfectly.


  1. Good idea, love it when the manufacturers use a glue with their labels that comes right off. Many times I have given up on a container because I couldn't get the label off.

  2. Good idea! My favorite are the containers for Emerald nuts. Not see-through, but they certainly are sturdy, currently using for storing old rotary blades.

  3. OOoh... I am glad to know this before I finish/empty a container. I will definitely save them and use them. How totally cool!

  4. Oh yeah, I meat to say...those buttons look awesome in there.

  5. I used one to make a sewing kit. I glued a small pincushion on the inside of the lid, so the pins and needles are covered in transport. It is large enough for a couple of spools of thread and sissors, thimble, etc. I used an orphan block to make a cover that slips onto the container. The cover has a pocket for storage of block pieces. I use mine to take hexigons with me to sew. I love it. We never throw out one of these containers. I've used them for storage of nails and screws in the garage. We also save the oblong Kraft mayo containers. I use them to store dried herbs from the garden.


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