Sunday, April 29, 2012

Recipe for Comfort Food

Ham, Green Beans & Taters
Yes, I said taters. (potatoes)

We make a big batch so TJ can have leftovers for work.

4 can of green beans
4 pints of home canned green beans
1 Slice center cut ham-diced
1 large onion-quartered
5 medium potatoes-diced
salt & pepper
pour the 4 cans of beans into your BIG pot.
i used some garlic pepper seasoning as well.
i normally use green beans that I've canned myself.
however; we've been out for quite a while.
can beans from the store will work just as well.
i always rinse my to cut down on the salt a little.
we like to use a ham bone left over from Christmas dinner that still has bits of ham on it.'s just not that time of year.
so, we use a center cut ham slice.  works great.
you can use any type of ham you like.
dice ham and add to green beans.
quarter onions and add to ham and green beans.
we like the onions for flavor.
you could totally leave this step out.
add cold water, just enough to cover the food
bring to a rolling boil for about 10 mins
then reduce heat to a simmer, and simmer on low with a lid for about 2 hours
slooooowwwww cooking
after about two hours
crank heat back up and add potatoes
cook until done, about 15 mins.



  1. Thanks for sharing the recipe! Does sound like "comfort food". :) Always love me some "taters"!!!

  2. Mmm..that does sound good, especially with home canned green beans.

  3. YUMMY!!!!
    Thanks for the recipe :D


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