Friday, April 27, 2012

Meet Mushu

Meet Mushu......he arrived in the mail today.
I wasn't really sure about him, didn't know why he had arrived at my house.
I didn't know what his name was.
Thankfully, there was a note attached to him.
It said, he is Spencer's brother. (if you don't know Spencer, please click on his name and learn all about him) It will help you understand.  Spencer has been on adventure' about them here.
Back to the note......they let me know, he didn't have a name and he would like to go on adventures like Spencer does.

WOW, could I handle this?  Could I be so kind to Mushu?  Mushu was the dragon in the movie Mulan.

So, this evening I had to go to my mom's
Mushu yelled......"can I go too"?.
I picked him up and took him with me.

I had to drop a card for E off at the mailbox and Mushu helped with that.
He got scared, he thought he was going in the big blue box too.
Bless his heart......he's such a sweetie.

Stayed tuned for more Mushu sightings.
Also keep up with Spencer.


  1. I showed Spencer that his brother, Mushu, is having a nice time and is very happy in his new home. He was glad about that! (Spencer laughed that his brother was silly enough to worry that you'd put him in the blue box along with the card!!!)


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