Friday, June 22, 2012

You thought I was done with buttons & Update

I wanted to start this post talking about the expense of Resin.
The bottles you see below was $29.99....yeah, kinda pricey.
 I used a little more hardener a time or two to see if it would cure better.
That's the reason equal amounts aren't gone.
Now, here is the amount of buttons I've made.  I'd say it was worth the $29.99
I wasn't sure at first, but now I'm convinced.
Even with the few batches that didn't cure.
I can still use them.
 Oh, how I loved these when I was making them.
It's pink & silver glitter buttons.
Weeeellllll........they didn't cure.
They are super soft and rubbery. they are about to be used in my smash book, and the below picture as well.

 oh la la, bright orange buttons and some clear small buttons that didn't cure either.  uggghhhh
 white buttons on the left, and on the right are speckled blue buttons, the blue is really pretty.
bright yellow buttons, these are just yummy.
Green/Blue/Purple Seed Beads Buttons

I'm still producing buttons over here on the black market.
oh yeah, and I've got some for sale in my Etsy store.
I think I'll be at it a while.
I'm also quilting a queen sized quilt.
And I'm working on some orders.

As if that all isn't enough.
We moved E this past week to his new place for the next year.
We have extreme high hopes for this place.  This is the facility we tried to 
get him into back in December.
They got an opening back in April, and it took this long to get him in.
Lots of phone calls and emails were exchanged on a daily basis.
He called tonight and has requested some Lego's.
I'm going to see him tomorrow, so a stop in a Wal-Mart might be in order.
There's not much they CAN HAVE in this place, so Lego's it is.


  1. WOW you have made a lot of buttons.

    I hope this is what E needs to get everything in order for him.

  2. Beautiful buttons, Tonya! All of them. Especially the purple ones.

  3. The buttons are really cute. Hope your sons transition goes well for him. Legos were a big deal at our house when my girls were little. He will enjoy them.

  4. Cool on the buttons!!! Hope all goes well for E!!!

  5. SO glad to hear about E's move. I know it will go well for him there. I hope you have an ice vacation, too. Love the buttons...might have to buy me some green ones after Jessi has gone home from her visit with us. Maybe one time you can sell a multi-colored pack of your buttons? Not online much with Jessi here to read please excuse me for not commenting much right now.

  6. I am loving the buttons still. Good news about E, right? Hoping they can get him all squared away.

  7. Hug E for me too. Legos are GOOD!

    Love the buttons. Must consult my patterns and material so I can order some!


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