Thursday, June 7, 2012

I made my own buttons.

oh my gosh, i made my own buttons.......
i must say, mixing the resin and color, i was disappointed and had planned to sell 
all my button making parts.

not anymore.......i'm loving it

the resin is clear and you add color
reading up on this before i started it all
i was really confused on the color and how to add it
one person suggested not using food coloring cause in some types of resin,
it don't mix well..........i tired it and had no problem
i used green in this batch

you have to be really careful with the smallest buttons, it's easy to pour to much and cover the button holes

 i don't know what's up with the yellow tinted background...ewww's my first batch.......their still soft, see last pic
 see how some are darker and thicker than others?
well, that's where i got happy pouring the resin
this is what they were like this evening, this is 24 hours after pouring
it takes 72 to create a solid hard button


  1. I had no idea. I love buttons.

  2. You are a wealth of craftiness! I love buttons, but I will leave the 'making' to others.

  3. Cool! I would love to see how you do it..not so I can do it, but I do love to know how things are made.

  4. That is great. I won't be jumping on the button making bandwagon though. I got enough to do.

  5. How fun!!!! Those would be fun to play around with too.

  6. Tonya, would you please share the link where to buy molds for this buttons?
    For my crafts I currently making Polymer Clay buttons, but they are not very strong.
    Thank you for help!
    ~ Iryna


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