Thursday, January 28, 2010

A Break from the Winter Blues

Most of us on the East Coast are expecting a BIG winter storm to start within the next 24 hours. Pat had a great idea on her blog. "Let's break the winter time blues", she said. She had several ideas of how to pick a picture. I went to my 5th folder and choose the 5th picture.
And what a great picture it is. This picture was taken along the creek that runs down beside the Linville Caverns.

Yesterday was TJ's 34th Birthday. My cousin that sews (well, she's my only cousin) comes up every Wednesday and we sew or craft something. Or sometimes we just sit and talk and have a blast. Yesterday was no different. TJ normally goes and picks us up lunch, but we decided to go out yesterday since it was his b-day. Well, before we left we had a surprise for him on the way back. He loves adventure and loves to have a good time. I have a Chrysler Sebring convertible right now (rental car, I'll explain later) and it's brand new. We had lunch, and went to the spill way at the damn and it was roaring with more water pressure than I'd ever seen there. Anywho, on the way home we pulled over and put the top down on the car. Yes, it was 41 degrees. I've never laughed so hard in all my life. Me and her were not to cold, as we were in the front seats with the heat on high. Thankfully, TJ had a hat on and a hoodie. He said it was cold but he would be fine as long as we didn't roll down the windows. So, what do we do? Yep, rolled down the windows. We had a blast. We stopped just short of being home and put the top back on.

I think he'll remember this birthday for awhile. His mom called later from California to wish him happy b-day and he told her what "we did" to him hoping for sympathy, but she was soooo on our side. She loved it and just laughed.

Happy Birthday to the love of my life. I'm glad you can have so much fun and see the best in everything. (Even if you were freezing)

My "new" car was hit in a parking lot 2 weeks ago. It crumpled the hood so bad, you couldn't open it. I didn't even notice I had been hit till I got home that night. It was a hit and run. It's been in the shop since Monday and we're hoping it will be done Friday. uggghhh


  1. LOL sounds like y'all had fun!!!
    Bummer on your car :(

  2. I think the snow is going to miss us but barely. We might have ice. We were planning to go to Chapel Hill tomorrow for a weekend of sewing with my aunt and visiting with our daughter. I don't like to get out the roads in that kind of weather. We might wait until tomorrow morning to decide. My cousin has started quilting too, fun isn't it?

  3. A belated Happy Birthday to TJ......and that is a VERY nice photo...thanks for playing along with my little game today. I'm really sorry to hear about your new car getting hit like that. One time where we used to live, somebody in the parking lot of a supermarket hit a car. They got out and took a piece of paper and wrote something on it and put it under the wipers of the car they hit. Those of us who saw it assumed it was giving a name and phone number so the owner of the car that had been hit could contact the one who did the damage. turns out that the note said: "I hit your car and others saw me. I'm sure they think I'm giving you my contact info on this paper, but I'm not." And that was the end of the note he put under the wipers. So that person who did the damage got away.......pretty crappy, huh?

  4. East Coast Snow storm?? Guess I'd better check on that...thanks! (just call me clueless in NH)

    Happy Birthday TJ!! Sound like fun!! Hey, you all are still young, time to do all of that crazy stuff! I bet everyone thought you guys were nuts, and that's the fun part!

    Pretty stinky about your car! I was hit in parking lot like that and it just STINKY!!! think happy, think happy....

    Have a great day kiddo! I know you will!! :)

  5. Happy birthday to TJ - sounds like such a fun day!! So sorry to hear about the car. How's the weather? We're getting some strong winds and very cold temps, but only furries.

  6. Happy birthday (a day late) to your TJ!! It sounds like it was a wild and crazy day of celebrating.

    I'm sos sorry to hear about that cute new car getting an "ouchie." That is such a bummer!

    Enjoy your storm. Hope you can stay inside and sew or something fun.

  7. Great pic of Your Man! Wishing him a Belated Happy Birthday also.
    He did good hanging in there with you 'wild and crazy' gals...;-)
    Oh no sorry about your cutie lil bug ..hope it comes out just as good as new!

  8. What a riot. Sounds like a fun way to celebrate a birthday. Hugs

  9. Oh my goodness....sorry about your car but loved your story...glad hubby had a good birthday!!

  10. Tanya that's cold!! lol. Hope you were extra special to him later on.
    I don't know if we're going to get the storm, but I know we are getting the cold. I think I'll try to find a summer picture and put it on my blog too. :^)

  11. I love the picture! I'm a big time city girl but I find the most piece when I'm in the mountains on a trail. If the trail is by water, that makes it all the better. There is just something about it!

  12. Happy Birthday TJ!! That is a wonderful picture.

  13. Happy Bday TJ! (that kinda rhymes) It sounds like you had great fun in that convertible - I guess that's what it means to make the best of a bad situation. So sorry to hear about your poor little card.

  14. What a fun birthday outing for TJ!! Tonya, I have some Spillway stories.......... It's one of the places we used to hang out in High School ;-)

    Sorry about your car but having a convertible for a while might spoil you!

  15. I think this is a riot! I would LOVE to be taken for a ride in a convertible, no matter the weather.


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