Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Star Wars Completed

Another one out of the UFO pile.
It's a super windy day outside, so I took this picture inside. I really think the wind is going to blow us off the mountain and set or slam us into the next mountain.
Here's the back with my super binding skills recently acquired. Don't look to close, it's not perfect yet! haha This is about lap sized. However, I don't think TJ will use this. I think it will go with his collections of Star Wars junk stuff.

I think the back would relax more once washed and dried.


  1. You are just whipping those puppies out....good for you!!! It is extrememly windy here today too...sometimes it gets scarey with how bad the wind gets...and rainy.

  2. Looks great you did a fantastic job!

  3. I am sure that TJ will LOVE it. Isn't it wonderful to finally figure that binding bit out?

  4. That wind up your way IS something else in the winter!!!!

    TJ's quilt is great! Good job Mom!

  5. That would look great on a wall.

    Are you getting a storm? We had 50 and rain Sunday, now it is freezing cold with strong winds and snow.

  6. Looks great! How in the world were you doing binding before? I just finished sewing down a binding.

  7. It turned out really nice. Was it a surprise for TJ?

  8. No kidding about the wind. I have decided that it must be March already.

    Star Wars forever!!!!

  9. Cool beans..another one done! You go gal.
    Love/ hate the binding thing too...;-)
    I bet he will use it if you tell him to.. haha!
    So E will be wanting one soon I bet.
    Yes wind , colder too ugh!
    I see Spring in the yard though.. flower bulbs up!

  10. Lookin' good!! Isn't it great to have another one finished?!! Here's a link to an great way to do binding:


    I will use this method FOREVER!! I hate binding!! lol!

  11. I really like this. The colors are great, and your binding skills look awesome.


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