Thursday, January 14, 2010

Just for Kentlee

Kentlee Jonah
*my nephew*
*has big feet*
*and a huge big toes*
*his fingernails were sooo long*
*his daddy is the greatest*
*did I mention his dad is my brother*
*Kentlee has 3 brothers*
*Caleb 12*
*Mitchell 11*
*Kaison 5*
*he will never be alone*
*his auntie Tonya loves him to pieces*
*his auntie don't see him near enough*
*he was born 1/11/10*
@ 10:20 am

and inquiring minds want to know......
have you ever heard of the name Kentlee before?

Me either....


  1. How cute! Now where are pics of Mr. Kentlee??? Congrats to you and your brother's family! Jenn

  2. Congrats!! I agree, any pictures of the sweet little guy. Hugs

  3. Cute quilt.....and no, I never heard of the name Kentlee. I tried to search on it and only found it one place and that was on a list of GIRLS' names...but I guess if people want it to be a boys' name, it's fine. Yes...we need photos, too.

  4. I love that name and he will love his quilt!

  5. Yeah, so where are the pictures?? I've never heard the name Kentlee before either. He and his brothers all have wonderful names.

  6. He is so lucky to have someone love him so the quilt!!

  7. That is really a cute quilt. Not like most baby quilts, truly unique. I'm sure it will be his favorite "banky".

  8. Very cute quilt for a cute little boy. I like the name Kentlee. I love double names.

  9. That is so cute, and he will love it!

  10. I never have.....he sure is going to love this quilt! the fabric is just adorable and you did a great job!!!!

  11. Hi Tonya!

    What a great quilt for a great named baby! So sweet for you to make this keepsake!

    love, kelee

  12. Awesome quilt! I continue to be impressed. Lucky nephew.


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