Tuesday, January 5, 2010

A Tutorial of sorts....

........or just a better explanation of yesterday's blog of how I did that sweet baby quilt. This is how I learned to quilt, I know it's not the right way. So, please don't anyone alert the quilt police, cause they would be all over this.

I've said these are my favorite types of quilts to make, and I have several in progress. So, I choose one and this is how it goes.....
in this one, I'm using 1" strips. Jan from the UK so kindly cut all these for me and sent them my way. I love Jan!
I sewed the 7 of the 1" strips together and make a block 7x10
Then I took that block and place some batting behind it and quilted just that block.
Then sew those blocks into row and join them to your quilt already in progress. Here I'm showing you the front and back of the quilt. To make a "back" for the quilt, repeat above steps.

I'm terrible at explaining and teaching. Does this make any more sense? Other than, why in the world would you do it that way? It's just what seemed right to me when I was teaching myself. I do sew some stuff the "right" way of quilting. But, like I said yesterday, I really favor this way more. I can only assume it's because it's what I learned first.

I hope this helped everyone!

The batting I use is 100% Polyester Batting
Soft n Crafty
4oz. Weight
comes on a roll 48"x10yards


  1. Can you tell us what batting you use? I can tell it's thin (which would be necessary since you are really having double batting in this method).....but I'm wondering exactly what you use. This would be a lot easier....and I'm going to try it sometime. Obviously, I don't give a rat's patootie about the Quilt Police!!! hehehe

  2. I got it! I always do better with pictures than words anyway. ;)

  3. Hey, I understood that perfectly...and it sounded good to me. The quilting police can just keep their opinions to themselves...all of this was learned through people trying different things anyways...and people are always coming up with quicker and more effficient methods by trying their own things. I think that way sounds worth a try!!!

  4. I am telling!!!!!!

    So be expecting a knock at your door....

    Thanks for showing how you did that....I get so mad, I want to remember all these things and say I will but I don't....then months from now I will go searching.....and I want to do everything.....

  5. Quilt Police - bah!

    This has to be the most easy to understand tutorial I have evah read and seen. Great job Tonya!

  6. You did a wonderful job of explaining, it make perfect sense. What a neat way to do a quilt.

  7. I get it and I don't even quilt!! It took a minute to sink in but it came through! Love this idea. I might even be able to pull this off.

  8. You go gal!!!
    This is how new techniques are introduced ..someone tries something off the hook!!
    Great TUT..!!

  9. This may be late in the day-but I discovered that a tailor in town, who makes both men's and women's suits, gets tons, and I mean TONS, of sample swatches. They are usually in bundles of same fabric but different colors/patterns from the manufacturers. I asked him what he did with the outdated ones-he gave them to me!

    They are smaller but I sewed them together just like you did your 1" strips. I just made a piece of quilted fabric and then used that for some 'tailored' Christmas ornaments that year.

    I wish I had thought of putting the batting on in sections. How easy!


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