Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Embroidery Question?

OK......I'm embroidering the word "teacher"....

my bobbin stopped on the "t" and I walked away and didn't notice it until it was on the "e"

is there a way I can go back to where it quit working.

Or else, it will just pick up where the machine is in progress.

Anyone know?

UPDATE: I found out how to go back stitches. If all else fails, read the instructions. lol



  1. what kind of machine do you have??

  2. On my machine you can go back by one stitch, ten, 100, or even a whole color.

  3. Good for you! I knew those instructions were good for something. Can't wait to see what you've made

  4. OH! So that is what those books are all about!!!
    Good to see you here my friend.

  5. Glad you got it figured out and I saw the end result on your more recent post...TERRIFIC!!!


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