Monday, May 17, 2010

My entry for IHAN's GO Fabric Cutter Giveaway

This is the option I choose...
Post a in depth look into your fabric stash or sewing area/studio without cleaning or staging a thing (100% honesty only). Photos or videos are a must along with some juicy details :)

So, here goes........I have one picture, but I've numbered it. Click on the picture to see it better and I'll tell you what each # is.

This is super embarrassing and I can't believe I'm showing this. But, hey......she said unedited, no clean up required.
1. Those 6 see through blue lid container all hold fabric that is 1 yard or bigger.
2. I have 4 cube containers that hold WIP's (works in progress).
3. A rose that dear E gave me for Valentine's day.
4. Look very carefully and you'll see a small white sheep E also gave me. It used to sit on my laptop, but he gets demoted every now and then.
5. Two fabric postcards Jan sent me. She is the best! (well, besides Kelly from IHAN)
6. I have no idea what all this is. It surely should not be on MY sewing table. Now, that I look over at is..... court book, legal documents
.....picture frames, the ones left over from mother's day
.....tons of paper work from the totalled car back in November (yes, we're still dealing with issues on that)
.....the handbook to that totaled car (now that's just sad, it can be tossed)
.....a pair of sunglasses that I only wear on the back deck...they are the ridiculously big ones address book
.....some mail that didn't need to be opened right away
and as I touched it to see what else there fell....uggghhh
7. My ironing area...looks small you say? Well, that's because when I don't need this area, I pile everything there.
8. The super trusty Dell Laptop that allows me to read blogs and blog myself. See what's on the screen? IHAN's blog.
9. a super big stack (two stacks) of 5x5 square scraps that I make into yoyo's.
10. the bin where the finished yoyo's land
11. oh precious #11, that would be my old and first ever sewing machine, simply called "ole brother"
12. the mini quilt & pillow I blogged a few days back
13. would be some thread, and that's only 1/4 of it (can you see the tin man's hat in front of the thread, it's on top of a lint roller, beside the canned air)
14. haha, that's the phone that often gets buried...we have to push "locate handset" on the base to find it
15. the bean bags for our Cornhole game...I now have 4 completed, 2 more sewed, not filled and 2 more to go
16. that would be all sorts of odds and ins......patches, needles, templates, labels, Fiber Fabrications business card, rotary cutter blades, sewing machine light bulbs, etc
17. the jar I made a fancy fabric label with Mod Podge won from IHAN, and the fabric I used Pat gave me.
18. my beautiful stash of embroidery thread
19. this would be Miss. new sewing machine, she's not even 6 months old. I love her dearly. She's a Brother SE-350.
20. the first drawer, as you can see is ribbon and lots and lots of it. the second drawer is rotary cutters, markers, pens, mod podge, templates, patterns and more, the third drawer is some finished quilts and my turtle quilt that looks like it will never get finished.
21. the first drawer has bits and pieces of fabric, the second drawer is bigger pieces but smaller than a yard and the third drawer is sheets and much, much bigger pieces, like more than 3 yards, backing fabrics
22. now this just looks like an old rag down there, right? it's not just any old rag, it's the rag that cleans the "sticky" off my capri sun pouches, along with another top secret agent, i scoured the world over for something that would take that sticky off, no one on the Internet would tell what it was, like it was a big secret, so now it's my secret. don't you wish you knew? not really, ok
23. looks like a waste basket huh? nope, more fabric and towels and bibs, mostly embroidery stuff
24. my cozy comfy chair
25. this is all fat quarters, all 3 drawers........i should count these one day, just not today
26. various different has selvage edges in them, i save those
27. yep, that's the same quilt I did a tutorial on how I do binding.........yep, same one
28. my PED embroidery software box
29. the stylish new "strada" purse I got for mother's day, needed a break from Vera Bradley
30. most all the stuff in that red Rubbermaid box need to go to the children's home, it's completed quilts.
31.A pile of mail that really needs to be mailed. In there is my May block for my dozen quilters group. Also in there is the Scooby Doo blanket. And, a package of scraps for Betsy. What you can't see beside that bag of mail is two boxes to be mailed to Lola & Jan.
Sorry ladies, you'll get these soon, I promise. haha
32. a very important laptop bag
33. a stack of notebooks for "when" I was going to make covers for them. haha

OK Kelly......I hope you took time to read each one. I also hope you noticed how very little space I do have for sewing and how "handy" the GO cutter would be for me. Also, I should add this sewing space is in the corner of our living room.

I hope everyone enjoyed this. I did.......except for the time it took. However, it will be so worth it when I win.


  1. Oh my word....I had such fun reading each and every word. I'm cracking did it girl....totally unedited. Way to go!!! I LOVE IT. You rock....that is all I can say :)

    Thanks for the fun and the tour.


  2. Good luck. I think my sewing room is chaos compared to yours (but don't worry as it would take weeks to get into this room to be able to take a photo, much less itemize everything in the photo).

    I vote for you! Good luck!


  3. Ahhh, I feel like I just came home:) I'll have to start taking my own pics.
    If I win you can come visit!

  4. at least you have an organized mess/space (or at least now that you have labeled where everything is!! I love it!!! I try to organize my stuff and all I do is forget where I put it!!! :)

  5. Tonya, in my book, you are very well organized to know exactly where everything is. Good luck.

  6. I think you win.....I can't show mine in the state it is in...not even for the Go!

  7. I hope you win. The Go! cutter will help you whittle your stash... you can group fabrics together to make your own custom pre-cuts...

    Good luck!

  8. You are hilarious!! There is no way in the world I would post a picture of my sewing area!

  9. one word: hil-freaking-larious!

    Ya mean I haveta come up with something better than this????? Doooohhhh!

  10. I don't even want my husband to see my sewing room, let alone the whole world. Way to go! I hope you win.

  11. You should win, Good luck! But you are organized and know where your stash is! Thanks for your comment, she had a great time. So you have a great day!

  12. Tonya, you are killing me......I am dying over here.....I think, hands down, you should get it. How very very funny......

    Don't you think Gene is a coward?

  13. Woo.HOO, Tonya!!! You should also get an award for fitting the MOST stuff into a sewing space!!! I doubt anyone else could do as well in that area as you did!!! :)

  14. I just made a LONG comment and lost it. So I'll just say Good Job! but I still hope I win. *L*

  15. Well, now I don't feel so bad about the ones I took to show, lol.


  16. Good luck for the go cutter! Very funny! :))

  17. I think you should win! Thanks for making me laugh. Not at you, but at myself. As I expand in quilting and my sewing room is not expanding--it becomes a problem :)

  18. I think you are VERY VERY brave!

  19. That is too funny!!! You defo need to win the cutter also!! I reckon it will fit nicely on your chair!!! A nice big unoccupied space! A good excuse to get a new chair as that one has someone's name called 'Go' on it!!!!! LOL!!!

  20. seriously, that is a classic post! classic!


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