Sunday, May 30, 2010

For the love of Breast Cancer Awareness.....

...........this is what I did
(I could not get a "good" picture of this, the pink is much lighter, it's the actual color of the breast cancer awareness logo)

This symbol is the lady foot locker awareness symbol. It represent a woman.
There's the head, the arms stretched out, and the ribbon as the lower part of the body. It looks like in the picture the head is attached to the arms. It is all separate. It also looks like it has darker spots than others. It does.......color tattoos scab just like a sore. I didn't know that. None of my black tattoos scabbed like this. So, once it heals and peals, it will be beautiful.

I did this for my mother who has battled breast cancer once and survived.
for my aunt who has battled breast cancer twice and survived.
for my aunt who battled breast cancer once, because she delayed critical treatment, she did not survive, she died at age 38
for my grandmother who battled it once and also did not survive, she also died at the age of 38
my mom was 18 when she lost her mom to breast cancer, I can't imagine loosing my mom as such an early age.
my mom had just graduated high school and had a full scholarship to attend college to get a business degree
she turned down the scholarship, because her mom needed her to care for her at was to start that Aug, her mom died shortly after
and for myself.....I had a scare when I was 24 and had a lump removed, all was well, I escaped it that time around
and for everyone and anyone who will or have battled this awful disease



  1. We all need to make sure we're getting our mammograms and other medical checkups regularly. I delayed mine 6 months this time around - it was amazing how quickly it became overdue that much.

  2. Yes....we all need to be very watchful of this disease that has taken too many lives at too young an age.

  3. I think you are very more ways than one. lol Jan xxx

  4. I've had a scare myself but all is well. Very cool tat.

  5. What an important post! It is important that we are all mindful of it.

  6. this sounds like my familys story is so sad....


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