Wednesday, May 12, 2010

What I've been up far as sewing goes.

Seriously, I've been busy.
I'm not just sayin that, just'll see...
I had about 10 of these already in stock, the other 21 I've whipped up yesterday and today.
These are Capri Sun & Kool-Aid Jammers. I've got these listed on Ebay & Etsy and they really sell.
This is the inside of the Zippered Coin Change Purse.
This is a wallet I just came up with today. Double Zippered Wallet with Velcro Closure. I have several different types of wallets.
Inside of above wallet, with 2 zippered compartments.
A better picture of inside of double zippered wallet.
This is a tri-fold wallet, no zippers.
Inside of tri-fold wallet....
A bigger version of the Zippered Coin Change Purse......a double....could hold many things.
A Zippered Pencil looks way long, just the way I took the picture I guess.
OK...this was a pencil case and then I turned it into a Zippered Tri-Fold Wallet.
Inside of Zippered Tri-Fold Wallet.

Go me.......working my fingers to the bone.

As I've stated before, I still collect these and would love to have yours. I had several friends that were saving them for me that lived close by. I guess they got tired of keeping them. It's been awhile. I made it easy though, they all kept a bag under their sink and threw the pouches in there. I would hot soapy water wash them here and clean off the sticky residue.

I guess Blogger thought I was uploading to many photos. It kept telling me how much space I was using and how much was left. I have no idea what that was about.

I almost forgot....I owe someone one of these bags. Back from my vacation post and "does this bag make my butt look big" or something like that. The winner of the funniest comment is......
Sherry Goodloe...I've emailed the winner!


  1. You have been so busy using up that supply of zippers! Very creative.

  2. Wow, you have been busy.....great job!!! and super cute!!

  3. Oh Cuuuuute! I love the little zippered purses. You are very clever!

  4. You've been busy. Great job! Who knew you could do so much with those packets. When my grandkids visit, they must go through tons of those little pouches.

  5. Wow you have been busy!! Those are cool!
    Congratulations Sherry!!

  6. Hey...I love them...maybe we can work out a trade? I'll send you a bunch of these and you can make a change purse or a pencil case for my granddaughter??? LOL

  7. If we drank 'em I'd save 'em for you! But I do have a bunch of 7" zippers that I doubt I'll ever use. Want those?

  8. the wallets are adorable.......


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