Monday, August 16, 2010

Got Buckles?

need a buckle or two?
where did i get all these?
glad you asked......
they were part of a LOT from ebay
2.5 lbs of buckles
i took out the big ones and the ones that i liked that i need for my capri sun belts
no, you can't see those

so, these are little
maybe they came off shoes, i dunno
the biggest one, top row last buckle is 1"x1"
the rest are smaller
anyone need any buckles
i'll be happy to send you some
(they'll ship cheap) lol

i GO'ed a baby quilt
finishing up the binding and i'll show it


  1. Hi Tonya, I would really really love some buckles, I have an idea for them already, what a fabulous buy. Gosh I would never have thought of looking for them. I haven't 'ebayed' for quite a while. Maybe I ought to stop faffing around with Farmville and the rest and get back to what I do best. So pretty please to however many you wish to send me and what can I send you in return please? Or even Paypal the cost across to you. lol jan xxx

  2. Can't wait to see the baby quilt. Nice of you to offer the buckles to someone who is Jan!!! LOL

  3. They sure don't look that tiny in your photo!

  4. What an awesome find...but I will pass....just love ebay!

  5. I thought you must be a buckle collector! Seeing so many at one time.


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