Friday, August 6, 2010

I've been GOing.......really, I have

i haven't used maggie (new machine) in a week
i've been working so hard on my capri sun adventures on brother (old  machine)
i never imagined it would have gone this far
i sell them on 3 different sites and can't keep up
i had gotten ahead and had a huge stock completed
and then fell behind
i'm ahead again ;)
tomorrow, i go to meet with a local store (kids store)
to sell them in there
this by no means will make me rich or take the place of a full time job
but, i love it
and that's all that matters, right?
small disclaimer: i don't sit around all day and drink 20 capri sun's to have all these pouches
i've enlisted all my friends and family to save these for me
their all too good to me
you can save them for me as well

so now.........
i'm GOing
i'm trying to finish these,
that i cut a few weeks back with my GO machine
GO giveaways are all over blog land right now

i'm going to that BIG wonder-mus fabric store in va tomorrow
but, mainly for thread
no, seriously.........
i'm going to save my b-day monies to go back the end of this month for fabric 


  1. I have to ask do you drink allthose capri suns yourself? that is neat that they are selling so well.

  2. Where do you get all the capri sun bags from? I'm so happy that they're selling well for you and that you're enjoying it.

  3. onya it is wonderful that you can find a little something to supplement your income. Nothing wrong with that at all.

  4. That GO! is a wonderful thing. Uh, watch out if TJ picks know what I mean.
    What size are the "THESE" pieces? 3" or 6" or something else?

  5. Sounds like a fun way to make a bit of a second income :o)

  6. Good to hear that you're successful in selling the bags. I'd save Capri Sun bags for you, but don't have any kids around to drink it! I'm glad you're having fun with your GO!

  7. It sounds as though those bags are keeping you busy. I will ask if anyone here drinks the juice.

    Hope you can get to those luscious HSTs soon.

  8. I was for sure your headaches came from drinking too many capri suns...cold ones that give you a brain need to stop that!!

  9. I'm so glad you are having such success! I hope you get some sewing for you done, too!


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