Thursday, August 12, 2010

Some new creations.........

and wondering if my GO would cut through a single pouch
i know some of you are gasping right now
why would she want to cut anything other than fabric with this wonderful machine
cause, i have more brilliant ideas
i would say it's probably easier to cut than card stock
i'll have to ask Accuquilt about this

i love the slight curve these pouches have, perfect look for a coin purse

yep, a would take 100 to make a belt for myself
this one fits E
love the "buckle" 
a velcro closure vs my normal zipper
i added a new velcro flap closure on this bag vs an inside velcro closure
another belt with a different "buckle"
i have one more different type buckle to try

i know it's not quilty items, but i love doing these as much as my quilting


  1. wow Tonya, you are sew creative. Those are fabulous!

  2. Very cute and creative. Great recycling too.


  3. I love your recycling! Awesome stuff!

  4. Love your projects and I AM going to remember to save the empty packages when my granddaughter drinks them this time around and will then send them to you.

  5. Tonya,

    what you are doing is just fun fun bad comments about yourself....didn't like are a wonderful kind to yourself.

    Just fun.....

  6. Those are soooo cute!
    Very creative & original idea. Maybe you could buy a separate GO die just for these, Mark it as such, and GO to town cutting.

  7. What a creative way to recycle! Way to go!!

  8. very seeing your creations

  9. I am always amazed at how you use these containers to make things. You are truly creative.

  10. Love the first belt and the buckle. Everything looks great, very creative Tonya.

  11. All of your items are the neatest things!! now you make belts beans! Can't wait to see what else ya come up with!Sorry we don't do these types of drinks or I would save for you as well.
    Will see if anyone I know uses them.

    Hey we got ONE INCH of RAIN today!!!


  12. The belt is such a good idea. I don't think I've seen one of them. The coin purse is nice too.

  13. I love your work Tonya!!! You are awesome and amazing!!!


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