Thursday, August 26, 2010


remember this picture?
click to enlarge and see the broken needle inside the bobbin case
i entered everyone that commented, even if you didn't know the correct answer

the prize just in case you forgot

everyone's name in a basket....
notice i used the paper that come in your GO dies

E let me interrupt his chocolate snack long enough to draw a winner

yah "needled mom" Mary, it's all yours
email me your mailing address please

Also, on my TerraCycle giveaway
if you entered you know what i'm talking about
i had two winners that were no-reply and have no profile
so, i'll choose two more winners


ladies, please email Emily @
let her know you won my giveaway and give her your mailing address

one more thing
thanks everyone so much for the lovely birthday wishes
i haven't even had a chance to read them all
i will i promise

now.......shhhhh I'm going to bed, lol


  1. Happy birthday Tanya! Great people were born in August, I know I'm one of them!
    Is that me who won the Terra Cycle giveaway? Whoo Hoo!

  2. Congrats to all your winners. I love it when I "know" a winner (from Blogland) and I "know" Needled Mom, so that makes me happy!

  3. Gene sent me over to wish you a happy birthday!!! Happy Birthday :) I hope you are having or have had a wonderful day.


  4. Happy birthday, Tonya!! It's so late, though, that you probably won't read this until tomorrow. Anyway, you can imagine me wearing a silly hat, carrying a cake (chocolate) and singing Happy Birthday To You!!! Hope your day was great.

  5. Oh yeah!!!! Thank you. I already know what I am going to do with that gorgeous thread.

  6. Hey Tonya, is that me who won the TerraCycle giveaway? If so, hurray!

  7. congrats to your winners...I see the "wrong" thing now!

  8. Wow, Congratulations to the winners!!

  9. Happy Birthday Tonya, hope it was a lovely day!!


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