Saturday, January 22, 2011

Hexies and another finish.

remember these hexies?

look at them now....

because i lost this pattern, i assumed i should assemble the hexies into whole hexies
i should have left them in half's
i didn't want to rip out all that stitching, i had already ripped out a lot
so, i started sewing them together one at a time in a "Y" seam
now i can say i can successfully sew a "Y" seam
can you?

remember this project?
my simple straight lines....

i turned it into this,
a table runner or door hanger
and yep, there's that polka dotted fabric again

 a quote that goes perfect with my hexies quilt top

"as you sew, so shall you rip"


  1. They both came out beautiful!!

    "as you sew, so shall you rip" Love it!!

  2. congrats on getting it all done with Y seams. you did a great job!

  3. Oh gee. I see why leaving them in halves would work. Then you would only be sewing straight seams. Even I could do hexies that way.

  4. It sure looks like you got plenty of practice on those Y seams.

    The long tablerunner is so nice, Tonya.

  5. Your hexies are cute and the table runner adorable!!!

  6. I love those hexies and your tablerunner looks terrific.

  7. The hexies turned out great!!! Well worth the effort!!! :-)

  8. They both turned out wonderful. I've never done hexs...I might try one day yet. Hugs

  9. Purdy! I am consistently amazed at your talent.

  10. Love the hexies. And you have a great attitude of taking your "mistake" and turning it into a great learning experience. Now you know 2 ways to doing these blocks - one easy and one more challenging.

  11. Is that the secret to sewing them together? Leave them halves and sew straight lines? I've been trying to figure it out. I don't want to sew Y's. Love that table runner, the colors are great.

  12. Busy girl! Your hexies are lovely - I wouldn't know how to put them together either. And, look, you're now a y-seam master!

    So, from hexes to straight seams. Looking good!

  13. Tonya, your hexies are looking great! Aren't you glad you picked this project back up?

  14. A "Y-seam?" I saw it once on Simply Quilts! Love the hexagon quilt and the table runner. Both great projects!


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