Sunday, January 2, 2011

Wanna Help?

Wanna help me raise money for my chapter of Project Linus?
Being a Chapter Coordinator, they would like for us to raise a certain amount of money each year.
We've had some donations of money and fabric that have helped.
However, I still need to met a small goal.

Right now, we are raffling some Applebee's gift cards that Applebee's kindly donated.

But, I wanted something you all can help me with.

I've been thinking of different ways to reach this goal and I think this will work if my blogging buddies will help me.
I was wondering if someone out there would be willing to donate a quilt, send it to me.
I'll take lots of pictures of the quilt and raffle it off.  Say, $1.00 a ticket?
I have a paypal account set up for my PL funds.
The Paypal email address is
I can provide tax receipts to anyone who wants one

I sell on Etsy and Artfire and a portion of my sells go to my PL Chapter.
you can find those links here.

Please let me know your thoughts or ideas on this.


  1. I don't have any quilts that I could donate, but I'd be willing to donate a few dollars directly to this effort. I'm wondering if some others would wish to do the same? Project Linus is a valuable, well-known group that has provided comfort to many I'd be only too happy to donate a few dollars. Let me know what you think. (And if anyone else is in agreement with me, please comment, too.)

  2. I don't have any raffle quality quilts but I'm willing to make a donation. I've got a few kid size quilts I'll donate to your chapter as well.


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