Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Square Hearts

this can be a table runner or hanging for your wall
i searched for a "hearts" block
i didn't find anything i liked
so i made this and even wrote up a pattern for it
 first block made
i love how they look so crisp and clean
 who doesn't love a puffy heart,
 and lumpiness?
 square heart as a label
the finished product
i'm loving it

(sorry about the pictures, it's so cloudy today and we're expecting snow tonight)


  1. Cute little table runner - I love hearts!

  2. That is really cute, Tonya! Great job!!!

  3. My heart's all a flutter.... Nice job Tonya!!

  4. Great job!! It turned out great. Hugs

  5. Love the hearts and the red & white fabric. The label is great, too.

  6. Well done Tonya.
    I have a package to go to the PO for you, but am waiting another week as our post is still all to pot here.
    lol jan xx

  7. So cute, Tonya. It will be perfect with Valentines Day coming up quickly.

  8. That's wonderful Tonya, I don't think I've seen that before. You're a genius!


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