Monday, January 24, 2011

Kindle Cases Galore

 hearts zippered Kindle case, I got this one a little snug
dog, pet friendly case 
 pink & white stripped snowflakes
green & flowers

these were the first 3 I made......the first one went to Brooke and the blue one to Pat, and the mushroom one was mine, but someone wanted it, so I sold it.  I  made myself another one today, along with the first four.

I really meant "galore"!

the first four are for sale in my Etsy shop.


  1. Funny, the one you sent to Pat is my favorite. Of course I made my own way before everyone else got Kindles.

  2. Great bags! My favorite is the dog friendly one. But, then like Gene, I have already made a bag for my Sony eReader.

  3. Really cute. I should make one of these for my iPad. I'll add it to the list...

  4. I like the heart one but unlike everyone else I do not own any readers. I do have an iPad on my wish list though.

  5. Sooo cute. I love the mushroom one.

  6. Love 'em! I'm not ready to give up holding a real book yet though. I'm old-fashioned like that ;)

  7. I love the heart and the mushroom, so cute!

  8. what a great case....I love, love love my kindle......


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