Monday, February 14, 2011


Click on the picture to see it better.
Why, ole why is this happening to me?
I haven't sewed in a few days and this is what happens when I do.
I'm about the change the needle, so we'll see if that is the problem.  
This stuff isn't near as thick as my vinyl covered labels and they sew beautifully.
Then again, it is a different machine. 

Ok, well....I'm going to bed now.  :(

Update (5 mins after I published)
LIGHTBULB MOMENT: I used ultra heavy bond....thus the problem.  I got a plan to fix it.
It's going to be a handbag.
Thanks in advance!

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  1. What's the plan to fix it? I had the same problem with a project and gave up.

  2. I hope you post the fix, to help others in need too.

  3. I hope you got it figured out and are beyond the problem now!

  4. Now that's my mistake! Tell me what you did to fix it, too!!!

  5. Tonya I follow you on facebook but I have never been into your blog so here I am. Having a giveaway so go check me out. Wanting some more blogging buddies. By the way you are so funny and I enjoy your facebook page.


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