Friday, February 18, 2011

You are all invited!

Tomorrow the 19th is Project Linus National
"Make a blanket day"
Many Chapter coordinator's host a sew-in day.
Me being no exception, it starts at 10am and goes until the last person leaves.
We'll have food all day and plenty of drinks to keep us going.
I have lots of fabric and several machines, and those that can't sew can tie.
It's sure to be a fun day.
I'll take lots of pictures.

Only thing, I ordered some PL goodies for my Blanketeer's and it's not here yet.
Finger's crossed it will come today.


  1. Sorry, I can't play. I will be at the beach.

  2. Sure wish it was a shorter jaunt over the mts for me as I would be there!
    Hope the goodies come today!

  3. Good luck with this! I hope local guilds and local quilt shops have helped to round up some folks to do this with you tomorrow!

  4. Our Project Linus chapter's Make A Blanket Day is next weekend. Unfortunately we will be out of town but I donate afghans regularly for this wonderful organization. Last year we tied in with the Disney 'Give a Day, Get a Day' promotion and received around 750 blankets in one day. It was amazing!!

  5. Oh dear, I do hope it arrives today. You will have a wonderful time. Get lots done!!!

  6. What a wonderful day you'll have and thank you for being your local coordinator. I know how much work is involved, as I used to be very involved in one of our chapters which closed. I promise to you I'll find out where the closest chapter is to me and donate a quilt or two.


  7. Well, crap - if there are no goodies then I'm not going!


    I'll be there when I gets there.

  8. I am so looking forward to this! See you tomorrow!!!!!


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