Monday, February 7, 2011

What it Means to Be Southern/Giving Directions

Some of you wanting to know more about, giving directions.

Y'all are going to love this.

"Now we're on Dogwood Avenue.  Just go right on up this hill, and you'll see a large white two-story house on the left.  That's the Wrenn home where Mrs. Virginia Mae Cross lives.  She was my third=-grade school teacher, and she keeps the nicest yard.  Her roses out the back on that slap-white picket fence are just to die for.  You oughta take a glance at them on your way by.  I keep wishing she'd enter the pretty red ones in the state fair.  Don't you think it's just amazing how they display them in Co-Cola bottles for the judging.  Turn right there.
You'll pass the Boling houses, that's Mr. Boling, Sr.'s house on the left and the Boling son and his family live in the house on the right.  Except that when Mr. Boling recently retired, the house was sold to the Paschals' cause there was some kin there, by marriage, and they wanted that lovely rock house to stay in the family.  Everybody always is just so interested so I should tell you that Miss Frances Bavier, that's Aunt bee from the Andy Griffith show, bought that big house next door to the Boling Sr. home.  She made our little town famous when she came to live here, and you just wouldn't have believe the traffic on that street, people riding by all the time just hoping to get a glance or two of her.  I mean on Halloween night they sent a special policeman over there just to help with the crowds going to her door.  She remembered the police department in her will, too.

Well, go on past her house, and keep on going down the hill until you reach the stop sign, and take a left.
You're almost in sight of the new Methodist Church, but the morning I was talking to Peggy in the grocery store.  She and I are in the same bridge club, and she's a Methodist and she was on one of the committees for the new church.  She told me that the parking lot is scheduled to be paved this morning, and they've blocked off the entrance so the trucks can do their work.  So even if you went by this morning, I don't think you'd be able to get to see the church today. But you come back soon anyway.  Those stained glass windows are worth the trip alone, and we'd just love to have y'all, you hear."

Those directions are so typical around here.  You should hear me give directions to my house.  I might have even did that with Pat.  I'll have to ask her.  I usually say........."go past the high school, turn left after the caution light, go up the mountain and our house is on the left"  haha 


  1. I recall, we DID have to phone you once we got near the house in October!!! I guess that's because I didn't yet understand the southern way of giving directions!!! LOL

  2. So funny! You gotta end with "Ya'll oughta stay fer supper, sit a spell, you'ns won't miss nothin' if'n ya stay." That's kinda what Daddy would say....

  3. You (or is that y'all) should make a video of yourself giving directions. I so want to hear your voice now after reading this post :)

  4. You should do a video! Everyone needs to get the full southern experience!

  5. From one southern girl to another...this is so funny! Some people laugh when I tell them "I'm going to town."

  6. I was up in the mountains not too far from my southern town a few years ago, looking for a church that I was supposed to go to for a meeting. I must have passed right by it without seeing it. I finally turned around and went by it again! I finally stopped and asked this man who was standing outside this little store if he knew where _______Church was. He first said, "Well, I guess it's in ____________." Duh!? Then he really said, "You go up the hill (remember I'm in the mountains) and around that curve. You'll go a long way and there'll be a railroad track on your left, but you can't see it from the road. Anyway, you just keep going till you come to the church." Of course, I had just driven right by it twice, but I guess three times a charm, because I did find it that time.

    Another time our neighbor told someone that to get to her house, "You turn left at the cow." The person she was talking to asked, "What if the cow moves?" The cow my neighbor was referring to was a wooden cut out of a cow.

  7. Well my accent aside...I give MUCH better directions than DH...;-)


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