Saturday, February 12, 2011

Silo imploding

You may have fancy wine festivals and such in your town.
We gather and watch silo's implode (or fall down).
Sorry, I filmed it sideways on my phone and haven't figured out how to turn it yet.  
Just turn your computer sideways and you'll be fine. ha
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Ok, I've watched the video is it's horrible.....sorry, but you get the point.


  1. Boom!

    my neck hurts from turning sideways to watch.

  2. Hmmm.......what an exciting thing to see. How come you didn't arrange for me to see something like this when I visited you? LOL

  3. Wow that was cool. I kept waiting for the second one to go too!

  4. We always like watching buildings collapse (on purpose only of course).

  5. Whose and why? Cool video even if it is sideways.

  6. Hey, I'm impressed! We took down two wooden silos on our farm. When they hit the ground, it felt like an earthquake.


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