Monday, June 25, 2012

Selvage Edge Blocks 2

I've completed 5 more selvage edge blocks today.
 selvage edge's trimmed, and ironed.....ready to sew
 5 5x5" blocks completed today
 joined with the first 6 blocks I did about a month ago
I love the look of this......
i'm wondering if I'll have to mix in some strip blocks for it to be big enough?
I bet I have about 5 more blocks worth of selvage's. 
Then it's saving again.......


  1. Nice blocks. I'm saving and saving my selvages to do something with them some day also.

  2. I am afraid I leave the selvedge on until I cut the fabric - and then there isn't enough left to do anything with.

  3. Those are amazing! I so want to make a selvage quilt.

  4. I do the same as Gene, so I've never managed to save any substantial lengths of selvage. Love the way yours is progressing.

  5. i guess u have to plan to use the selvages or there in none to work with….I’ve been planning since….I hate to waste anything fabric….i found u can even crochet with them….has anyone done that?

  6. Aren't these addictive? I have my selvage top done and ready to quilt. It was a fun project.

  7. I LOVE these! I'm curious how you begin collecting these...I have saved about...three selveges. I forget! I was thinking the other day that maybe as a habit, I should wash, dry my fabric then immediately remove the selvege. How far into the actual print of the fabric do you cut? Also I'm curious, do you only save selvege from your "good" fabric? Do you save selvege from your Walmart or JoAnn's fabric? (Although some quilty ladies won't touch either of those fabrics, but I do!) Hope you don't mind all the questions!!!

  8. totally love these! I wish I had done this!


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