Wednesday, March 11, 2009

"Husband" Made Quilt Hanger

Instead of hand made, I call this "Husband Made".  We saw these quilt hangers at our local quilt shop over the weekend selling for prices unheard of.  My husband took a good look at it and said "I can make these".  And I was like........."OK, I'll take one in every size".  We came back home, I headed into the house with my new "fat boys" and he headed to his building in the back yard to work.  This is what he came up with.  I love it.  I think he did a wonderful job.  Me on the other hand, didn't take such a great picture of it.  You can't really see the nobs, their silver.  In the pic below you can sorta of see how this works.  As I'm sure most of you have seen these before.  You slip your quilt in between the two boards and then tighten the nobs down.  I was confused at first, I thought you tighten the nobs (which have a screw attached to them) into the corners of your fabric.  However, you don't do that at all.  You fit the quilt in as close to the screws as possible and then the quilt will be pressed between the two pieces of wood.  See pic below.  How cool, right?  Or I have confused everyone?  lol


  1. Hey...this is terrific. If he could make tiny ones, you could offer one sometime as a giveaway for a mini wall-hanging quilt. :)

  2. Very neat! I've seen hangers like that before and you're right, they're very expensive. It's great that your husband can make them for you.

  3. Lucky you. I love the hangers and may try to make one myself. thanks,


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