Friday, March 20, 2009

Look what I got for $20.00...and HELP!!

Yep, that's that cute little sewing machine for $20.00  It's a Singer Spartan.  And, that's all I know about it.  
Now comes the help part.  I've never sewed on a machine like this before, or ever had one.  I'm not even sure I've threaded it right.  The top stitch looks great, and then you flip the fabric over (see below) and that's what the bottom stitch looks like.  It seems as simple as I just don't have it threaded right, but I'm not sure what I'm missing.  Anyone have any ideas for me?


  1. You might have the bobbin in upside down or it might need a tension adjustment. But, you can buy a copy of the original manual for this machine.

    I have several old singers and have gotten the manuals from this son did manage to fix all of them. I love the old singers.

  2. Gosh...I really don't know. I just tried to see if I could find any threading instructions online. I'm thinking it's probably a tension issue rather than a threading issue. I wonder if Singer has an 800 phone number you could call and maybe someone could help there?

  3. I'm green with envy! What a buy!

    I can't help with the answer to your question but I do know there is a yahoo group called Treadle On that knows a lot about the older sewing machines. You might get some help there. If not, let me know and one of my knitty friends knows a lot about this type of machine too and might be willing to help!

  4. this link lists some resources

    And this I think the Spartan is a 192 -if you can find the model number on it go to

    I hope that helps!

  5. No real help on the sewing issue - but, I sure am jealous that you got such a hot buy!!!

    That's really great!!!! Congrats...

  6. Start with the thread through the hook above the tension knob, then wrap the thread around the groove in the tension knob right to left. bring the thread back up and thread through the hole in thread take up lever (top left). Bring the thread back down and thread through the remaining 2-3 hooks on the left of the machine and just about the needle. Hope it works. Chris @ Shady Grove

  7. that is a fantastic sewing machine. I am always hoping I find something so good when I go thrift shopping, but no such luck. I hope you can fix whats wrong, when my machine does that its the top thread being pulled thru to the bottom, and it means i threaded it wrong. but mine is a brother so that probably doesn't help.


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