Monday, March 2, 2009

What do you think about RETRO?

3 of the 5 fabrics I'll use for his "Stars in Retro" throw.  The other two fabrics you'll see in the star.

OK, these fabrics are what I call Retro.  However, they are "newer" fabrics, I think they have the retro look.  I wondered what in the world I would do with these, because I wasn't exactly exactly fond of these. brother asked me to make something for the back of his couch.  Just kinda a throw.  And the color of his couch.........that old Tupperware GREEN.  Yep, so I thought I'd make him a Retro throw to go with his Retro couch.  Let me know what ya'll think of these fabrics.


  1. I like the colors together.....looks like the type of fabric is going to try to give you fits with unravelling, keep an eye on that...don't want it to come apart at the seams. Nice of you to make a throw for him....and it's nice that he appreciates your talent enough to ASK you to do it!

  2. Lookin good!! Good sissy you are too! Yes retro is in...hey I still have a retro green hall bath! Ha!!
    Figured by the time we get to re do it will be back in style!!

  3. These look like 70s fabrics. I was not fond of that fad then and still don't but I really do like your block. This will make a great throw.

  4. I love em! the quilt I am making right now uses some 70's looking prints and I am just loving it. we seem to like about the same things fabric wise....Your view is beautiful by the way......


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