Saturday, March 28, 2009

The "OLD" machine works.

Thanks to many of you who gave me links and such and great information to get my "old" Singer Spartan working.  I downloaded a FREE manual from Singer online.  The problem was as I said.........I had the thing threaded wrong.  What a difference that makes.  Then I tighten some tension and a little this and a little that.  It works like NEW.  Thanks again to all who gave me information.  WOOHOO.


  1. YAY...what fun to get such a treasure and be able to get it working. This proves what I've always heard...years ago they made things to LAST! I can't wait to see some project you do with your good old Singer Spartan!

  2. I'm so glad it's all been figured out.

    BTW, I'm still green with envy over your great deal!

  3. That is awesome that it works!!!!

  4. So glad it works! I also wanted to pop over and tell you thank you for the sweet card that you sent for the book that Sherry made me. It is great to have you as a new blog friend and I really appreciate you thinking of me! Melinda


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