Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Awards for E

(I thought I'd give you all and myself a break from the Turtle quilt) So, today (yesterday) was E's award ceremony at school. I was so impressed that he got 4 awards. I was so proud, as was every other parent there.

This is the principal giving him his "Reading Counts" award. This was a metal, very nice!
This is his teacher (she's just a little older than E, lol) giving him a "Keyboarding" award. I missed the first award he has in his hand. It was a "Social Studies Smash" award.
And his final and 4th award was a "Media Center" award. He "worked" in the Media Center after school shelving books and such.
Here he is proudly and awkwardly grinning with his 4 awards. Again they were:
*Social Studies Smash Award
*Reading Counts Award-he read 200 books
*Keyboarding Award
*Media Center Appreciation Award

I *heart* this kid!


  1. GREAT JOB, Evan........lots of us are proud of you for your hard work. Keep it up and you will be a very successful student throughout your years of school! I am a retired teacher and I know students who work as hard as you do can go very far in life and do anything they want to do!

  2. Oh..meant to say I love how he is holding the keyboarding certificate under his chin so we can see all 4 awards in that last photo!!! LOL

  3. Go Evan ... great job! He's adorable!! TTFN ~ Marydon

  4. What a doll !!! GO EVAN!!!
    Big Hugs from Virginia!!!!

  5. I just read under the members picture you are a fan of the Wii animal crossing, eek- I hear it all day and nite, I am the only one in my house who doesn't play. Hubby, daughter and her 2 -Brandon 13 and Katie 8 1/2 arre on it all the time. Sometimes when they talk I hear bits and pieces of conversation and think they are talking about real things and people LOL

  6. what a doll and good for him! I love proud mommy's!


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