Monday, June 22, 2009

Vacation Pictures-Pigeon Forge, TN

I thought I'd share a few vacation pictures. I normally take pictures like crazy, I like to document everything we did. However, this trip was different. We met and shared our vacation with 3 of the hubs childhood friends. I've only met one and normally don't do so well meeting new people. Not to mention I had to stay with these people (strangers) for the next 5 days. Let's just say I was nervous, intimated, awkward, uneasy and anything else you can think of. And, did I mention I don't like crowds. Pigeon Forge is not the place to go if you don't like crowds. Anywho, it was a pleasant trip and not quiet as bad as I thought. E was not able to go with us as it was Father's Day weekend and had to spend it with his father. So, that in itself made it a very hard trip for me. I think I called him 4-5 times a day and if I wasn't calling him, he was calling me. OK, onto the pictures.......
This was our cabin we shared with 3 other families. It was 5 bedrooms and 5 baths. This was (as you can see) a top notch cabin.
It wouldn't be a vacation if we didn't save a turtle from the road. This was the road to our cabin so traffic wasn't bad. We "shewed" him across to a pond where I'm certain he was heading.
Picture proof of why they call it the "Smokey Mountains"
The view from our private deck off our bedroom.
Watauga lake, this is just above where we live. We stopped here on the way home and took in the view for a few minutes.

This concludes your tour of our vacation.

Check back often, vacation 2 begins July 8th. We'll be Ohio/Indiana bound.


  1. What a GREAT-looking "cabin"........I'd call it more of a LODGE. Hey, girlie, you are over 100 followers now. GOOD for you...I'm still a long way from that!!!

  2. Those pictures of the view are fabulous. Some day I hope we can visit the Smokey Mountains. Glad you made it home safely. Winona

  3. What beautiful pictures. It all looks so relaxing and peaceful.

  4. Great photos looks so nice it make me wish i could visit
    Hugs Janice

  5. Very nice! What a beautiful place.

    But I fully understand your reservations about staying with people you don't know. I'm a bit like that, too. I like my space and I don't want to have to put on a front around people.

    Plus, I like to run around the house naked... just kidding. ☺

  6. Beautiful Cabin. I know what you mean about sharing space with people you don't know very well. I like my space too.

  7. My husband and I have started going to that area every November. We love hiking in the park and the cabins there are all so beautiful. Sounds like you survived very well! :)

  8. I live about an hour from Pigeon Forge. We don't go often because of the crowds in Gatlinburg and there,but it is beautiful, isn't i? I actually live south of there not far from the Cherokee National Forest. Do you live close to the mountains in NC? By the way, I'm your 102nd follower. I'm a long way from there, but what a goal to reach!


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