Monday, June 1, 2009

Spring Mini Quilt Swap done....

I gave you a sneak peek at this yesterday.  Well, I worked on it all day and it's finished.  I like it.  Very bright and very spring inspired.    This is for a swap I joined.  You can find more info about it on my sidebar.  Click on the Spring Mini Quilt Swap button.  And since I don't know my swap partner, and she don't know me, and don't read my blog, I wanted to blog it.   I'll get this out in the mail soon, the dead line is June 21st.   I hope this swap goes well so I can do more in the future.  I've read horror stories about swaps.  I'm thinking positive it will go well.


  1. Beautiful!! I agree think positive. I'm nervous about mine too.

  2. It's lovely - and so Springy! Gorgeous colours. Hey, great job!

  3. I love the orangy, spring look to it. It is gorgeous!

  4. It's gorgeous and perfect for this time of year! Your confidence should be high - you're a beautiful quilter!

    How is your mom and E doing?

  5. Drats, how come you didn't have my name for that swap! I adore what you made!!!!


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