Thursday, June 18, 2009

Happy Birthday to Pat!

I wanted to make this post specially for Pat from A little of this and a little of Pat. She was my first blogging friend. She has helped me so much with this blogging and other things as well. She's a great friend. Hope on over and wish her a happy birthday.

*hopefully she won't hurt me too bad for doing this.


  1. Oh, put tears in my eyes. You are so sweet to do this. It has been a pleasure to help you with the few things you asked of me. I hope that someday we get to meet in person!

  2. Tonya, the mail just came and what a bright and cheery mini-quilt. Thank you so much and I also love the fat quarters. You kept the secret well. Check out the pictures on my blog. It is already brightening my great room.

  3. Nice to have a good friend!

  4. Hi Tonya! I love your website. You should visit mine. I'm a pharmacist who mostly stays home with my three little kids. I sew lots and lots, especially quilts, kids clothes and bags. Check me out! I have a giveaway right now.

  5. Tonya, I went over and wished Pat happy birthday. You are a sweet friend. Winona


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