Sunday, July 26, 2009

ABC's of ME

I've seen this all over blogger this morning, so I thought I'd give it a shot as well.

A - Age - 33

B - Bed size - King and I'm so in love with my bed, lol

C - Chore you hate - putting away laundry

D - Dog's name - how funny you should ask, we are in the process of adopting a dog from our local humane society, he's a shih tzu and his name is boo boo

E - Essential "start your day" item - sweet and a handful of pills (rx's of course)

F - Favorite color - green or green or green

G - Gold or silver? well, I really like both, my wedding set is gold, and the Tiffany bracelet my hubby gave me on our wedding day is silver

H - Height - about 5' 5"

I - Instruments you play - I played the clarinet and bass clarinet and contour bass clarinet in high school

J - Job title - normally something to do with accountant, or admin asst.

K - Kids - Just my E

L - Living arrangements - duhhhh, what do you want me to say, house with one hubby and we all share him, haha that was for my Mormon friend who actually don't believe in this way, however it don't stop me from teasing her about it.

M - Mom's name - Mom

N - Nicknames - mom, mommy, honey

O - Overnight hospital stays (except when giving birth) - too many to mention

P - Pet peeve - having to wait for someone, uggghhh

Q - Quote from a movie - the most overused one I know "you had me at hello"

R - Right or left handed? Right

S - Siblings? a brother that is 13 months older than me

T - Time you wake up - through the week 7am, on the weekends 8-9

U - Underwear? just depends

V - Vegetable you dislike - hmmmm.....carrots unless their from the Japanese place and there so sweet there, kinda like yams or sweet potatoes

W - Workout style - well, other than walking every now and then, this is one "style" I don't keep up with

X - X-rays you've had - all of the above

Y - Yesterday's best moments - all day, it was E's b-day...

Z - Zoo favorites - tigers, lions and bears OH MY


  1. Such fun to find out about our blogging friends. I didn't know you were so "musical". :)

  2. It's always so much fun to read these because you get a little peek into their world. I love them.

  3. Very interesting to get to know you! I keep reading the U and laughing. Is that depends or Depends!!!!

  4. LOL at "just depends" too!! Oh my too funny thaks for the giggles!

  5. Nice to read more about you
    Hugs Janice

  6. This is fun. I'm going to have to add this game to my blog. It may not be until tomorrow, but stay tuned!


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