Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Twin Monkeys

Why Twin Monkeys........because it's twin sized and monkey wrench pattern. I've blogged this quilt before (without the fringe binding and tieing). However when I tried to link back to it, it just keeps saying "loading". I got tired of waiting. So, I tied this off with yarn, yep yarn. I actually like how this turned out. Especially the fringed yarn "binding". How about that? This was my first quilt that I tied. And oh my, how easy it was. I agree it don't add much jazz to a quilt, but for this one, it's just fine. Let me know what you all think.....


  1. What batting did you use and did you have any trouble with it popping through as you tied? I've always worried about tying because of my experience hand quilting sometimes I catch little pieces of the batting.

    I love your colors and I love the fringe binding. Did you bind regular and then tack fringe? I think this would be so much fun on a wall in a kids room. I think it's a really cool idea to experiment with tying. I'm sure there's a whole world out there of tying possibilities.That as far as I've read haven't been touched in awhile. Like tying so that a design emerges somehow, or maybe tying and attaching something. Definitely to be played with!!

    Your quilt screams fun and I love it!

  2. I like it. Did you use a big needle for the yarn? How close together did you put the ties? I think it looks great and seems easy.

  3. Very nice. I have never thought about using fringe around the binding. Definitely makes it a fun quilt. I have tied a few things. I made 8 quillows for my kids and their spouses for Christmas a couple of years ago. They had flannel on both sides and a thin batting. No way I was quilting those. LOL I used 3 strands DMC floss to match to tie and you can hardly see it. In my opinion, quilting is all about having fun. Winona

  4. Great job on the quilt! It is great to try out new techniques!

  5. Great job on the quilt. I really like the colors of this one.

  6. Tonya, I love your quilt. The colors are bright and cheerful, and the fringe adds fun to it. Great job!


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