Sunday, March 13, 2011

Handi Bowties

i named this quilt "handi bowties" 
i hand quilted this in two days
i quilted around each white part
i even hand stitched the binding down on the back
since i did so much hand work, i thought the name was perfect

i used Sullivans quilt basting spray
i can't wait to baste another quilt
it was perfectly flat
i used a sample of some batting that my cousin gave me
she works where they make it
well, this was thicker than i thought and i couldn't machine quilt it
thus the reason it was hand quilted

i know, i said i hated dislike hand quilting
i found this very soothing
my secret?  i watched Serena hand stitch at our sew-in day
and got a few tips from watching her

these blocks were from a online quilting group i was in last year
there was 12 of us and i only received 9 blocks
i made the other 3........i choose 1930's repro fabrics
i even found some ugly old looking mauve colored binding
i thought it was perfect for this quilt

i wasn't sure what i'd do with this quilt
but normally, i don't hold onto them long
till something comes up
i posted it on Facebook and a friend asked  me to 
donate a quilt to her Relay for Life (Cancer) team for her to raffle
DONE........i'll send her this quilt Monday


  1. Girl, you are something else.

    I clearly need to sit with Serena for a day and learn the secrets of hand stitching.

  2. Your hand-quilted quilt is just too pretty, Tonya. Great job !!

  3. I think we all have our favorite traditional quilt blocks---mine are log cabin and bow ties. Yours is just beautiful. I have never hand quilted anything larger than a lap quilt and then that is pushing it and haven't done much hand quilting in the last four years. Think I might give it a try again. Nice to know that Sullivans will work for hand as well as machine. I spray baste all the time.

  4. I like Sullivans too and yes, machine and hand quilt with it. Love the bow tie block - another great classic that looks good in many fabric choices, but the 30's repros really do it justice. Wonderful quilt.

  5. Ok where have I been that I don't know about Sullivan's. It would be so nice not to hand baste my quilts before I can quilt them. I've got to look into this. Your bow tie quilt is beautiful and I'm sure someone is going to just love it. How generous of you to donate it for a worthy cause. Nola

  6. Tonya I love it! I see my block down there in the corner. I'm sorry you only received 9 blocks. It seems to be the way it's been going . . . it sure made a pretty quilt!

  7. It's beautiful, Tonya. Two days to hand-quilt it? That's pretty speedy. It took me months to hand-quilt my table topper, maybe because I don't enjoy hand sewing either.

  8. I find hand-quilting relaxing, too. You did a terrific job and I'm sure this will be a much-appreciated raffle quilt for Relay for Life!

  9. It looks great. I need to give that basting spray a try.

  10. Thank you Tonya so much for donating this quilt to my Relay for Life team and for giving someone a chance to win this beauty in a Chance Drawing!!! I know we haven't seen each other since high school but this will take a lifetime of thank yous!!! This is a very nice quilt and can't wait to see it!!! Thank you again Tonya!!!

  11. What a wonderful thing to do with your turned out lovely!

  12. It's beautiful, Tonya! And going to such a good cause....

  13. Tis beautiful! I knew you'd like the hand stitching once you really sat down and got comfortable with it.

    Now hook us up with your cousin's discount ;)

  14. Lovely. My first quilt was a bow tie.


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