Thursday, March 31, 2011

Thank God for Special Friends....

i've been completely out of the blogging loop
we have some issues with E right now
nothing medical
i can't share what's going on, it's just too personal
however; i did want to share what helps me get through this

messages like this from my friend are amazing
i sit and cry as i read it
i save it for when i need a little support, go back to it and sit and cry again
i'm a big cry baby, always have been

"my dear girl...feelings suck and are transitory and change a number of times a day. Even though it's hard as heck, ya gotta lean on what you know to be true, regardless of the feelings.

Truth: Tonya is never alone, even when she feels like it
Truth: Tonya is always loved, even when she doesn't feel like she is
Truth: Tonya is beautiful, even when she doesn't get that affirmation
Truth: Tonya is treasured beyond what she can even imagine, even when events and 'stuff' of life tell her otherwise
Truth: This 'stuff' will end, even when it feels endless.
Truth: Tomorrow will be different in some fashion. The stuff of today can never be repeated in exactness.
Truth: Tonya is so much stronger and more courageous than she knows, and she can handle anything.
Truth: God is cheering you on! 

Hold on, can make it!"


  1. Those are great words from your friend. It sounds like you have a great support person there for you. Hope things get back on track before you know it! Hang in there.

  2. That is beautiful! Such wonderful words of truth, encouragement and support...

    Don't know and don't need to know the details, but i am an active prayer warrior, so i will choose to support this struggle in the best way that i can

    you, E and TJ will be part of my prayers

  3. Praying for the three of you during this "rough spell"

  4. you friend summed it up perfectly1 Hang in there girl, tomorrow is another day. May the sun shine brightly to help you get though it all. We all have down days, and you always have to go back upwards.

  5. What great words of inspriation!! Hope things continue to look up! Jenn

  6. I am glad you have that to read and re-read...because those truths are SO true!!! Someday you will look back on this as nothing but a distant, unpleasant memory......and you will see that everything your friend said to you was so right!

  7. And you are special. And people do love you and care. This is just a bump in the road.

  8. Wow!! Love what your friend said!


  9. Tonya, big,huge, humongous hugs coming across the pond to you. email me or skype me. jan xxxxxx
    love to all

  10. Believe your friend. She has a way with words and she isn't wrong! Big hugs to the three of you.

  11. Love it! It is great to have friends who can lift us up when we are down! For sure!

  12. Hang in there. All of your blogging friends are keeping you in our prayers.

  13. You certainly are blessed to have such a special friend. Hope all will be well. Will keep you in my thoughts and prayers. Nola

  14. You are a very special person. Hang in there.

  15. You are so blessed in many ways. And I'm blessed by having the opportunity to read your blog and be inspired by your love! Hugs Tonya!

  16. You have a wonderful friend to give you such warm and generous support. Hugs and best wishes for you.

  17. amen.
    out of the loop too.
    but i still think you're awesome.


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