Tuesday, March 22, 2011

It's not quilting......

but it's still sewing..............

Tennessee Pride Pencil Case
 this one wasn't quite dry when I pictured it...
 so cute, and fabric lined, the same color as the zipper
 fabric lined the same color as that blue..
 this was a nacho chip bag, i cut it almost to small, i have two more though, i want the "Santitas" to show
 cape code chip bag for my mother in law, she loves all things lighthouse
peanut butter m&m's
 this one was a huge hit on Skittles Facebook page
 i don't like the outcome of this one, i could have placed the wrappers closer together
 super cute at only 2x2"
it's not nearly as wrinkled as it looks

i want to build a really big inventory of all the things i make
i know i said i would not do our county's apple festival again,
i'm really thinking about doing it again
however; this time i'll take all my crafty stuff and not just capri sun stuff
we'll see.........but until then, i will work on building my inventory

i'm working on hand quilting another quilt, i'm hooked
and trying to get over my second nasty cold of the month, YES 2 in one month....
my E hasn't gotten it, i'd rather have it then him.......


  1. Love all you little bags - favorite - the Klondike! How unique a gift.

  2. Your bags are all great. What fun to have such a variety of them!

  3. These are really cute - what a great way to recycle!! I should send you my wrappers instead of throwing them away!!!
    Do you have a tea related one in your inventory?

  4. Darling ideas, Tonya. So cute!

    Hope you are feeling better soon. Twice just isn't fair.

  5. I just have to ask this question: Do you ever buy anything *just because* the bag is too cute to pass up?

  6. Wow they are all great!
    Hope you feel better soon!

  7. Yes, build up that inventory! I am still amazed at the various things you use to make these.

  8. You make the cutest bags Tonya-------hope you are feeling better.

  9. You have been Busy! They are all cute, especially the M&M bags. Hard to believe that Apple Festival Saturday is only 6 1/2 months away.
    Take care of yourself. Try some vitamin C, juice or tablets. Do you think it might be allergies?

  10. They are just wonderful, I love them all.

  11. I love all these bags!

    Forget Apple Festival - Have you tried the Monday Morning thingy at the Cattle Sale in North Wilkesboro?

  12. These are the coolest, most unique things I've seen in a long time! My fave is the Klondike bag ~ I like that it's silver and kinda wrinkly:) Hoping you'll do a post on your handmade quilt ~ I do hand quilting too! Hope you're feeling better soon!

  13. All these are so FUN! I am betting you willseel a lot!
    Sorry about your cold hope you feel better soon. I have been down to with the Psoriatic Arthritis.
    All this warm/cold weather is not helping us out one bit!

  14. Looks like a wonderful trip. Glad you also made it to a Beverlys. Not the best deal on Fat Quarters, but as they do accept JoAnns and Michaels coupons they are a good source for buying other items (e.g. Best Press, etc). And they do have good fabric sales too.



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