Tuesday, March 8, 2011

I am not my body.....


I know in the past, I've posted about Nienie
she's amazing.
She and her husband are recovering from a near fatal plane crash.

She inspires me so much.
She IS my favorite blogger and blog to read.

Read her latest post,
I can't say I know how she is feeling,
but I can relate to
"I am not my body"

I struggle with weight, constantly.
I don't feel like the person I see in a full length mirror.
I have no full length mirrors in my house, but occasionally
when out, I'll catch a glimpse of myself and cringe.
There's not much I can do about it (health reasons) so i'm stuck with myself.
I'll just continue to remember,
"I am not my body"


  1. I think a lot of us can relate. I definitely try to stay away from anything where I see my body for what it really is.

  2. Great thought, you are a fantastically talented young woman!

  3. I echo the other's posts. We all struggle within but need that reminder. You express yourself beautifully thru your work.

  4. A gal I know from NJ is also a Mormon and knows NieNie and NieNie has been a big help to this gal's sister when the sister had some very trying circumstances in her life. Having met you, I can say that your personality is wonderful and you shouldn't get upset about your size. Like you said....YOU are not your body!!! The important part of you is your personality and that is STELLAR!!!

  5. What an amazing story, Tonya. I had not heard of her before, but I have been reading through your links. Why is it that the supermodels, etc. all seem to be so miserable in their lives? They have the perfect bodies - for the moment - and they are STILL not happy. I'll take me with all of my imperfections. Thank you!

  6. Love NieNie - hate that I can't leave comments on her blog!!! LOL But I guess she would be inundated if it was open to comments. I have her calendar- she is definitely a source of inspiration.Our own struggles seem small in comparison.

  7. Thanks! I needed to remember that there is a reason I am here.
    I mostly like my body, but I need to remember that I am not my body. It is a shell that houses my soul. I certainly hope that my soul is better looking than my body.
    Tonya, you have a beautiful soul. I know because in our interactions you have shared it with me. Maybe you didn't know that, maybe I needed to tell you. Thank you!

  8. Tonya,

    This lady is amazing and an inspiration. I need alittle inspiration so I am going over there....

    My cousin (older than I am)always told me that beauty is skin deep but ugly is all the way to the bone....I didn't understand it at the time but over the years I have come to know that beauty comes from within. You have a wonderful huband and son who loves you and a Father in Heaven that loves you even more. So that being said, hang tough because you are worth it.....giving, caring, loveing person that you are.

  9. none of us are just our body... but most of us never remember that. Thanks for a beautiful post Tonya.. You are amazing! And I just love you!


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