Sunday, March 6, 2011

How about these buttons?

you all know my love for buttons...
and i'm not sure how to deal with this
other than
to just keep buying buttons

i got these from an unlikely source
i've never bought from them
however, my mom buys sunday school supplies
and i saw these buttons in there....
there is several hundred and they were less than $5.00
these are wood, and i love them

you know you do too

a few people wanted a tutorial on making the button bracelets
that's coming up


  1. Love love lurve your buttons! Was there any doubt I would ;)

    You mean we have to USE them for something...? haha

  2. Even the white ones are wood? How interesting.

  3. I love buttons. Been collecting them for your tutorial. Any other supplies I need?

  4. I have a passion for buttons, too. I have bought from Oriental Trading - buttons and bead. Love the prices and quality.

  5. They would be great for making a button necklace. I ordered from Home Sew and made several necklaces a couple of years ago. Look forward to the bracelet tutorial.


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