Thursday, January 29, 2009

My Name is Tonya and I'm a Turtle-oholic

See, you believe me now??  These are two of our five turtles.  I love TURTLES.  Look down for even more proof.
I just threw this small quilt together.  I thought it goes very well with all the other turtle decor.
Our turtles fine mansion of a home.  haha
Just a small tidbit of my turtle collection.  So, again......My name is Tonya, and I'm a Turtle-oholic.

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  1. A turtleaholic! I love it....the first picture when I glanced at it looked like they were hanging from the ceiling...It made me laugh. I always had the little turtles and the bowl with the island when I was a kid. I love your little turtle quilt too....


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