Thursday, February 25, 2010

2 Quilt Tops

Mickey Mouse thanks me for not sending him to the UFO box. We all know how Mickey hates UFO's. haha Pinwheels Mickey.....I used every little inch of this fabric. There's no more left.
I bought this kit from a fellow blogger on Etsy. She had the bikini applique's already attached to the blocks. I blanket stitched/sewed around each bikini, and completed the quilt top. She also sent me the magazine this pattern was out of. 2005 McCall's Quick Quilts, Summer Attire Required.

I've been doing lots of sewing the past week, trying to stay off my knee. I'm supposed to go back to the knee Dr. next Thursday. However, I can't wait and am going tomorrow. The BIG shot did nothing for me. I'm still going to the gym, just every other day, instead of every. And, I do less walking every day on the treadmill cause of the pain. At this point, I'm looking forward to a surgery date, which will be after April 8th, by my choice.


  1. Yay! The pinwheels look great! The bikini quilt is adorable.

    Sorry about your knee. Hope the Dr. can give you good/better news. Are you planning knee surgery? My best friend has had both knees replaced and it made life much better.

  2. Cute quilts! Happpy Micky didn't go into the UFO pile! Sorry about your knee! Hope all goes well.

  3. You are a busy gal. I am sorry about your knee but it looks like you have adjusted to the idea of surgery as the only way out of this pain. to think you will be pain free come May (gotta skip the surgery month). Keep on a sewing my young are doing marvelous, simply marvelous!!

  4. Cute quilts. I'm having trouble with my PC so couldn't click on them to see them up close, but that's ok. I'm glad to hear that you're spending more time in your sewing room and resting your knee a little more. I look forward to seeing what other goodies come out of your sewing room.

  5. I don't see pinwheels, I see diamonds. LOL. And why is it that those black bikinis look like silly faces to me?

    I will be glad to hear when your knee is finally fixed! I hate to think of anyone being in pain.

  6. Love the Mickey quilt. Looks like you resolves your mistakes just fine.
    Hey, sorry about your knee. What a bummer.

  7. Nice job on both of them! Now...if you are to be staying off your knee, wouldn't going to the gym (even though less frequently) cause you to have extra pain????

  8. Cute quilts! I'm glad it did not end up in the UFO pile too.

    Bummer about the knee! I hope he has some answers for you when you see him.

  9. Love the quilts they are adorable!!
    Hope you get some pain relief tomorrow!

  10. Mickey turned out great!

    I must have missed something, is it knee surgery in April?

  11. They both look awesome!!!
    Maybe you better stop doing so much for the time till PT after surgery!
    Do upper body moves instead.

  12. The Mickey quilt turned out great! The bikinis are cute too. They make me want it to be summer even more! Hang in there with that knee!

  13. These 2 quilts are some of my favorites of yours. I really like the broken border on the Mickey quilt. Nice job on both!

    I hope the doctor can do something tomorrow to comfort your pain.

  14. Tonya, great quilt tops. You have been a busy girl

  15. Hi Tonya,
    Mickey quilt is now great well done you, I love it and to tell the truth I am not a great lover of MM, its those darn ears of his, annoy me everytime I see them. I would love this though Tony cos you have put so much into it and kept going. Good on yer girl.
    Hmmm funny faces via the Bikinis...guess it's cos its a bloke viewing them..all I see is the summer is on its way HOORAY, so fed up with this snow and cold weather.
    Again well done Tonya, stick with it girl. Are these on your new machine too?
    Take it easy on the knee front, am with you on the pain side.
    lol Jan x

  16. yay you made the kit already!! it's so nice to see someone get some use out of it!!


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