Saturday, February 20, 2010

I found a fabric playland. SERIOUSLY!!

I'm so excited about this place and it's about an hour and 10 mins from my house. It's in Fancy Gap, VA. I've been by it a million times and never even knew what it was. It's called Fancy Gap Pottery & Fabric Outlet.

The prices are crazy cheap. I will be making a trip back. Probably in a couple months because I spent way to much today.

Here's my loot. As I left I was telling TJ I felt like I had just robbed the place.
Flannel Turtles $3.99/yd
These are actually shades of green, too bad my camera skills are horrible. $4.49/yd
I love this collection. $3.99/yd
Patches $.49 Mainly for my mom and dad who always need me to patch something.
Velcro, just because it's cheap. And I use this on my Capri Sun bags. $1.79
The cutest buttons ever. $.59
Needles, I needed more. $.69
I think these were the best buy @ $.29 each. The paper peels off both sides and it's a clear template with a 1/4" seem allowance in a bright blue. These templates are really expensive at Joann's.
Coats thread $.59 These are Metallic, very pretty.
Coats & Clark variegated, multicolored thread. I like these too. Notice all the greens he picked out. TJ picked out all the thread. I think even he enjoyed this place. haha
Tom & Jerry for Evan. Some of these pictures look like the fabric is grainy, it's just me taking bad pictures. $2.99/yd
I loved these two fabrics. See that lady sewing? $2.99/yd
Look past E's head and see how far back the store goes. It's 20,000 square feet.
There were 3 ladies cutting my fabric. They were so nice.
Beyond the quilting fabric, is all this...there was some nice stuff in all that.
E and the buggy. Yummy fabric!!

Awesome, I can't wait to go back.

I may have left something out of this post, if it looks funny, let me know. First I got a call from my brother, he had a 105 temp and needed me to come and sit with the baby till my mom could get there. Gone for about an hour, came back and started this again and my friend called from another ER, she was in labor at 5 months pregnant. I had to go and get her other two kids. WOW. What an evening. I just want to enjoy all my yummy-ness.


  1. WOW.....that is SOME store....wish I lived closer and could go there with you. Sorry about your friend being in such early labor and I hope all is well. Hope your brother is okay, too.

  2. Oh am I jealous! Too far to drive just to shop, but I might have to add a stop on our next trip to Florida! Hope your friends and loved ones are feeling better!

  3. Well, it's too far to go just to because I like fabric, but we go through Fancy Gap on our way to the beach. I wonder if I can convince all the guys in my car to let me have an hour to shop? Somehow, I doubt it. Have fun with all your goodies!

  4. We are definitely going! I spent over $100 at Joanns today and had to wait forever to have fabric cut, then wait another forever to pay. I guess I'd better hurry up and make some stuff, so I can have an excuse to buy more!

  5. OMG! The Coats variegated thread was fifty nice cents? HOLY Cow.. If I had known I would have asked you to buy some for me. I checked, it is about a 7-8 hour drive for me. So it wouldn't be cost efficient. I need one of those stores close by...or maybe not.

  6. OHHHH Big WARNING--- I see that the variegated thread is HAND don't use it in your machine. The hand quilting thread is coated and it will gum up the inner workings of your machine. Then you will have to have it serviced to the tune of $40 or more.

  7. WOW you did great!
    I wanna go with you next time!!

  8. Very cool store. Wish there was something like that near me. Oh well, you'll just have to enjoy it for me. Happy sewing.

  9. I'm ready to hop a plane to come go shopping with you!!! Drop dead prices, I am GREEN with envy.
    Hope your brother and friend are okay. What an evening.

  10. Did you have to take out a loan for all of that?

  11. What fun you had!! And what fun stuff you bought! Christmas in February!!

  12. Where is Fancy Gap,VA. It might not be too far from me!!

  13. Fancy Gap is up I-77 just a bit over the NC border.

    We used to shop at a huge Pottery place up there back in the 70's-80's. My Dad and a friend had a junky store in addition to their real careers. We'd buy Mexican pottery, glass swan bowls and velvet paintings to sell in their store.

    I swear everyone in Wilkes County had a glass swan bowl (small, medium and/or large) or one of those black velvet paintings of The Last Supper.

  14. You found turtles! A new shop is always fun!

    I hope your brother and friend are ok.

  15. First, I hope your brother and friend are both ok.

    Your fabric playland looks like fun. 29 cents for a template??!! The Tom & Jerry fabric is cute.

    I am always keeping my eyes open for turtles for you. No luck so far.

    We're expecting a blizzard tonight. Finally finished the tile floor today...

  16. Thanks for letting me peek into your sewing room! Love your site.
    I'm kinda new at this bloggin' thing! But what a wide and wonderful world it is!

  17. I am sityting here, how many thousands of miles away, green with envy. All our shops are expensive for patchwork things. I have GOT to live in USA. Totally unfair flaunting all your goodies at me.
    And there I was thinking you were my friend....boohoo......:-((((((((
    Jan [xxxxxxxx]

  18. Hey Tonya, have you ever been to MaryJo's in Gastonia NC just west of Charlotte, they have weird hours and not open on sunday, the store is 33,000 square feet. The first trip there for me I spent 20 min just walking around in a daze. You can goto their website and take a virtual tour, to keep costs down its not fancy, has simple poster board signs hanging from the ceiling and all of the employees I have met there are soo friendly. You have to check it out.

    I have enjoied reading your blog I live in Orlando FL so I don't get up that way to often, last time was when Bush gave us the economic stimulous, we chose to stimulate the fabric economy. I will keep Fancy Gap in mind next time I am up that way!!


  19. Oh no!! Too far from Sicily! Sigh! You bought such lovely fabrics, they all are real bargains. The two after Tom and Jerry, with the lady sewing and the dresses are sooooooo nice!!! Lucky you! Bye for now, Clara.

  20. Wish there was a store like that near here!


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