Saturday, February 6, 2010

Another UFO completed.

This is a really old UFO. Remember awhile back, I showed you how I learned to sew. Well, that is how this one was made. The top was complete. Thus, the reason it has no borders. I added a back and binded. I do remember this was a charm pack of blah blah Moda, don't remember the line. lol
Back..........which was a vanilla cream colored sheet from my stash I got from Wal-Mart for $2.50 each awhile back.
My front yard when all the snow finally ended this evening. The road is just beyond the tree and before the tree line.


  1. The tree with the snow on it looks beautiful! I hope you're warm and cozy!

    The quilt came out great.

  2. great find on the backing! I love the starburst quilting too.

  3. What a cute quilt and great accomplishment. Doesn't it feel good to get another UFO done. Did you use your new sewing machine for it? Hugs

  4. Blah blah Moda. What a catchy name. I promise not to tell. LOL:)

  5. Cute quilt, I'm glad the snow has stopped. You guys have gotten far more snow than us this year!

  6. I love your blanket. It is so pretty, I love the titch you chose to sew it in. And what a great deal on the sheet. I will have to keep that as a idea for myself!

    Wow, you sure got some snow. Stay warm and cuddled up with a warm drink:)

    Ann Flowers

  7. Pretty quilt!
    We got the cold but no snow!

  8. Tonya, once again a beautiful quilt!

    Wish we had gotten more snow here.

  9. GREAT another finish!!
    Recess by American Jane/Sandy Klop..I have some of it too and used it with my '30s prints on my PIF towel sets.
    Burr looks cold to me...glad we got only a dusting this time!!!
    I NEED to go out Tuesday!!

  10. Congrats on the is lovely....

    That is alot of snow...those are my recorded words for all those that got alot of snow...

  11. Congrats on getting that done! Now cuddle under it to stay warm with all that snow.

  12. congratulations on your great finish Tonya.

  13. Hello my friend! I haven't been active on the blogs for a few days.

    I love your new sewing machine - how exciting!! When are you picking it up??? Or do you already have it???

    We're expecting a blizzard here in Michigan today and again tonight. Kids are hoping for a school day. I have to remember to take a picture and post it.

  14. The snow looks beautiful!

    Did you do you UFO with your new sewing machine? I know you are going to enjoy the time you spend in your sewing room now.

  15. Congratulations on your finish! Doesn't it feel good to see what you've accomplished? Great job Tonya!


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