Sunday, February 28, 2010

I'm so Lucky!

Over the past couple of weeks I have received some wonderful gifts from my blogging friends. I really don't think I deserve all this, but since it's here, it might as well stay. ;)
A beautiful embroidered towel from Betsy.
I sent her some small scraps for her 1.5" hexie quilt. So, you see...I sent her scraps and she sent me this lovely towel. Yes, I do know Valentine's day is over and this is still displayed on my stove handle. Thanks again Betsy..
Some yummy, "Love U" turtle fabric from Pat. Click on her name and see the Jim Shore figurine I sent her a few weeks back. I know she collects them and I've had this one for a few years and kept it in my Christmas box. I knew she would enjoy this much more than I would. And she certainly did not have to send me any fabric. I thank her bunches for it.
The remaining are all from Jan, I truly don't know how I deserve all this from Jan, this is my first "big" package from her. I keep trying to get hints from her as to what I can send her as a small token of my thanks. She practically has a fabric store in her sewing room. But, I do think I have an idea as to what she likes. (chocolate) shhhhhh I mean check out the hanging above, I just love it. You can't really tell, but the border around it is green.
And this little number is just beautiful. I love her quilting leafs.
And, I'm pretty sure I picked this book out of a list that she was giving away. Since I mainly do smaller items, I thought this would be perfect. I can't wait to dip inside it.
Yep, you guessed it...................she knows the way to my heart. His shell comes off for a fairly deep little trinket box. I don't have anything in there yet. Maybe put a keepsake in there, so I'm not removing his shell over and over. I wouldn't want any wear and tear on it, ya know.

Thanks so much again to all my buddies. It makes my day!


  1. Your friends have been very good to you, but you deserve it!! Enjoy!

  2. I LOVE that turtle box...and I notice the little quilt is mostly GREEN....your favorite color!!! You got some really nice things and you deserve them as you are a really nice person!!!

  3. Yes, you deserve it!!!! Most definitely!!! What fun stuff (I Hate using the word stuff, makes it sound junky) but it is definitely not junkie...wonderful things, (better)...enjoy!!

  4. So glad that you got such lovely gifts...Enjoy them all!

  5. What fun mail you got! Love all of the fun stuff!

  6. wow Tonya, Jan sent you some things to keep you real busy. Well, you get things because you too are very generous.

  7. hey, did I miss your birthday?

    Great mail day. I see the turtle love shining! hehehe

  8. No Gene, I send to Tonya, well, just because....She is such great fun I take great pleasure in just sending stuff.
    Tonya I am so pleased the turtle made it intact, I was so worried about him.
    Jan xx

  9. You have definitely been blessed by your friendships. You had better keep an eye out on that turtle. I think he wants to come to my house.

  10. What wonderful gifts!! And that turtle is so cute with the removable shell. And you DO deserve all these things.

  11. arent friends great? you deserve it all....

  12. Wow! Blogging friends can be the best. I'm just barely learning how fun and friendly the world of blogging is. Arlene


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